Offer our customers a fast and effective service of repair and maintenance for high technology industrial electronic products.

Since 1994 F.Elettronica is specialized in repair of motor drives, so we are available to analyze reparability of any brand and model of your drive or Inverter. We repair also monitors and operating panels wherever possible we propose replacing it with our design and production of LCD panels.

Being high qualified electronic engineers we are also able to repair boards of various types and function, analog and digital, with a defined functionality.
We always work with PASSION, our services are based on RELIABILITY, QUALITY, PROFESSIONALITY and AVAILABILITY to provide services with those features; We also give great importance to the Organization, working procedures, clean and safety in the workplace.

We don’t repair only the failure of equipment, but we renew it, we make it look like new. In electronic board there are components subject to wear such as resistors, capacitors, connectors, relays, contactors, but also components not very good designed or not optimally used, they are subject to premature deterioration; to ensure maximum reliability we replace all those critical parts when possible with components of same characteristics but of new generation, improved performance and durability.

We take care of the equipment entrusted in every detail, even those not functional, such as cleaning and presentation at client.
The accuracy and the care with which we carry out our work can be see from the warehouse, where we pack doing maximum attention to every detail, in order to prevent damage during transport. The Office always give utmost care in administrative management and documentation, and handle any requests and customer issues with availability and courtesy.

We are a great team well organized, each person is highly qualified and specialized in the role it plays, thanks to a detailed definition of the roles. The workshop is structured into departments according to brands, that to improve the effectiveness of the technician that grows more of experience and professionalism, being concentrated on a small number of equipment models.

We are always available through our work to support the customer. Our Technical/commercial Manager of the laboratory, when necessary, also by interfacing directly with technicians who perform repairs, give highly qualified telephone support, helpful tips and explanations on checks to be performed in order to locate the problem better on the machine or in the equipment. We are always willing to consider any electronic problem have our customers.

  • Saldatura componenti elettronici
  • Dissaldatura componente elettrico
  • Lavorazione scheda elettronica
  • Saldatura scheda elettrica
  • Test scheda Mitsubishi
  • Altivar test
  • Test scheda elettronica Mitsubishi
  • Test monitor f elettronica
  • Test Okuma scheda elettronica


Administrative Office, Commercial and Purchasing.

Mechanical engineering and Washing Area

Lenze, Panasonic, NSK, DC and other

Monitor, Power supply, Fuji



Okuma and Control Techniques

Mitsubishi, Mazak, Sanyo Denki

  • Oscilloscopio f-elettronica
  • Lente per riparazione scheda
  • Palmare f-elettronica
  • Attrezzi riparazione scheda elettrica
  • Alimentatore F-Elettronica
  • Strumentazione F-Elettronica
  • Saldatura scheda elettronica
  • Palmare F-Elettronica


Massimo Ferrario


Tel. +39 02 9761732 (int.12)

Emanuele Costa

Laboratory supervisor

Tel. +39 02 9761732 (int.19)

Ilaria Scolari

Administrative Office

Tel. +39 02 9761732 (int.10)

Roberto Gomaraschi

Dep. Head Lenze, Panasonic, NSK and DC

Tel. +39 02 9761732 (int.11)

Massimo Dalla Dea

Dep. Head Monitor, Power supply and Fuji

Tel. +39 02 9761732 (int.15)

Salvatore Carobene

Dep. Head Okuma and Control Techniques

Tel. +39 02 9761732 (int.14)

Mauro Bertolini

Dep. Head Mitsubishi, Mazak, Sanyo Denki

Tel. +39 02 9761732 (int.21)

Dritan Haliaj

Dep. Head Logistics and Shipping

Tel. +39 02 9761732 (int.20)